Wedgewood continues to be a desirable neighbourhood for families due to the commitment of all homeowners who invest in keeping the community looking great! Part of making the community attractive is having residents respect the guidelines in place to keep common areas maintained, and properties aligned to standards. 

Please see below a summary of design guidelines documents, caveats, encumbrances and architectural standards that are comprehensive and in place for our ravine-oriented community.

Homeowner Information

Wood Fence Detail and Paint Requirements, Fence Repair or Replacement

Wood Fences

Residents are responsible for maintaining fences that are on their properties including wood fences that border a common area. While the Homeowners Association will paint the common side of the wood fences; all repair and replacement of fence boards is the residents responsibility. For complete details select the above Link.

The correct Paint for our neighborhood wood fencing is called “Wedgewood Slate Green” and is available at the Sherwin Williams location 17016-90 Ave (the previous General Paint location). When ordering/buying this paint be sure to state it is the Wedgewood Slate Green formulation as used in the Edmonton Community of Wedgewood Ravine. You should receive a discounted price. 

Brick Fences

Residents who have brick fence or iron rail fence on their property are solely responsible for the repair and maintenance to the standard as defined in the guidelines. Please ensure you have adequate insurance coverage in the event of damage which does occur from time to time.

Registered Caveats

Registered Encumbrances

Wedgewood Ravine Design Consolidated May 25 1995